We Deliver the Best in Packaging Services

Here at Bassford, packaging is life. We’ve constantly been innovating and improving our services since our company’s 1958 inception. We believe that there’s a right box for every product, and we know how to make one that’s right for you. Our facility has an entire assembly line that makes packages designed to fulfill clients’ needs. Our slitters, slotters, partition makers, corrugated paper cutters, and glue machines are all kept in excellent condition in order to provide the best results. With these tools, we can make even the most specific modifications to an order so that you can get exactly what you need.

What kinds of packages do you make?

Well, the short answer is: whatever kinds of packages you need! This is because there’s an in-house production line here at the Bassford Packaging Corporation. You’ll be able to get packages that meet your specifications.

Are partitions and interior packaging also available?

Absolutely! Like the packages, these will be made to fit your specifications.

Can I get a free quote before making a purchase?

Yes. We believe that you should know how much you’ll be spending for these products. You can call (229) 242-5977 for a price quote.

Is there a minimum order?

No. You can get just as many, or just as few, packages as you need.

What materials are used for these products?

All packages are made out of corrugated fiberboard. This material provides strength and flexibility. The sturdiness of the construction also means that you can stack boxes without worrying about them suffering undue wear and tear.

Is corrugated fiberboard biodegradable?

Yes. It’s a very eco-friendly material.