Our History

Bassford Packaging: Dedicated to Reliability and Innovation

A commitment to innovation is in the very foundation of the Bassford Packaging Corporation. This goes back to the company’s founder, N.L. “Buster” Bassford. While working as a newspaper distributor in the ‘50s, Mr. Bassford became one of the first to figure out how to reuse old papers for other purposes. This included using shredded paper for fruit packaging, combining sawdust with ground newspapers to create oil filter bases, and more.

By 1960, Mr. Bassford had done well enough to expand his operations. Seeing the demand for packaging, he began buying up old cardboard. He’d use this to create exactly the kinds of packages needed by businesses and individuals in the area. It’s with this successful formula of constant adaptation and service that Bassford Packaging Corporation earned its great reputation.


N.L. “Buster” Bassford retired in the ‘70s, giving control of the business to his son, N.L. “Bud” Bassford Jr. Wanting to take the company to the next level, he continued to innovate and offer dependable service. Today, Bassford Packaging continues to flourish under its 3rd generation, still committed to delivering the very best to its clients.

Today, our company emphasizes the use of corrugated materials. With these, we make interior pads, partitions, dividers, and other packaging products. Your packaging is of the utmost importance to us, and that’s why we make sure that our staff undergoes extensive training. This is how we’re able to produce goods quickly without sacrificing quality.

The Bassford Packaging Corporation has three primary goals:

  • To develop new and improved packaging products.
  • To further fine-tune our production process.
  • To satisfy our clients with fast, reliable, and quality-focused production.

If you’ve brought our products before, you already know that we’re serious about fulfilling these goals. For those who haven’t yet worked with us, we hope you’ll give us the opportunity.

Best Wishes from the Bassford Packaging Corporation, A Family Business with Strong Roots.