Corrugated Box Dividers & Pads

Corrugated box dividers provide a simple, yet effective means to separate and secure items within a large corrugated box. These U, H, or Z-style dividers are perfect for heavier or taller goods where only a few can fit in a single box. Dividers not only secure the items in the box, but they also help to fortify the sides of the box and strengthen your overall packaging.

Each of these divider types are pretty similar, but can be conformed to the shape needed for your specific packaging. All corrugated box dividers may look the same when flat, but they can be folded into a Z-shape or U-shape to fit your transported goods. You can also use two U-dividers to make an H-divider for larger items.

Corner pads provide additional protection along the edges of corrugated box to protect the box and the goods within the box. The edges of a corrugated box are the areas most susceptible to damage during transport. These corner pads, which can be custom cut to your needs, will ensure your boxes look the same when they arrive to their destination as they did when they left your warehouse.

Layer Pads are flat sheets of corrugated fiberboard that are cut to your desired specifications. These die-cut pads are available in a variety of thicknesses depending on the weight of the goods you’re transporting. In addition to fortifying the inside of the box, layer pads also work great for stacking multiple layers of product within a single box.

In addition to providing additional support within the box, corrugated dividers and pads also strengthen the exterior of the box. This will increase the stacking capability of your packaging and allow you to ship more goods on a single pallet or skid. All our corrugated dividers, corner pads, and layer pads are die-cut so that they have clean, unfrayed edges. This will ensure your boxes close properly and all your goods fit tightly within their packaging.

Corner Pads

Corrugated Corner Pad

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Corrugated, U-shaped Box Dividers

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