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The Bassford Packaging Corporation works hard to meet the needs of every client. Our excellent customer support staff will guide you through every step of the custom package creation process to ensure we develop exactly what you need. Once we have designed the perfect packaging solutions for your business, we’ll ensure that they get produced in a timely manner. We service a wide range of industries including canning, bottling, food service, hardware, parts, ammunition, and more.

Our corrugated and fiber packaging solutions will provide peace of mind that every level of your product packaging is safe, sturdy, and secure. If you’re shipping large and/or heavy items, you need sturdy boxes that won’t dent and can withstand the rigors of truck freight. If you’re shipping small items, you’ll want options for nesting those products in a single box to save on shipping costs while keeping each item secure. Our custom fiber partitions are perfect for smaller packaging that includes placing multiple fragile or sensitive items in a single box.

Interior packaging solutions include corrugated and fiber partitions, pads, and dividers to keep individual items separated during shipment. These products can be custom configured to fit any type of product shape, size, or desired case quantity in an individual box. Exterior solutions include our wide range of corrugated boxes which can be customized for the size you need. We’ll help you determine the most efficient box size for stacking and shipping your goods. We also offer variable thickness depending on the weight of your products being transported.

Select any of the product categories below to learn more about our wide range of corrugated packaging options.

Corrugated 8 Cell Partition

Our corrugated partitions allow you to safely and efficiently ship your products without worry of them shifting during transport. These partitions also provide extra structural support that improves the integrity of the exterior packaging.

Corrugated U Divider

Our interior packaging solutions include rectangular pads, corner pads, U-shaped dividers, H-shaped dividers, and Z-shaped dividers. Choose from single layer or multilayer corrugated construction for added support.

Corrugated Large Tall Box

Our boxes are produced with the best corrugated fiberboard so that they can withstand the rigors of transportation. These boxes are strong, flexible, and lightweight so that you can ship your goods as efficiently as possible.

custom fiber partitions from Bassford Packaging

Fiber partitions create individual compartments within a box to provide a protective and organized method of shipping goods. They prevent product contact, absorb shocks, and reduce vibrations during transportation.

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