Die-Cut Partitions

Corrugated Box Partitions - Die Cut Inserts

Our die-cut partition process allows us to create packaging that will secure oddly-shaped or fragile items in the same box. The die-cut machines create clean packaging that’s strong and durable.

Custom Box Partitions

Corrugated 9 Cell Partition

Have a specific case quantity that you need to create for a specific item? We can create custom partitions for any number of cells per box so that all items ship securely inside a fiberboard box.

Large Box Partitions

Do you frequently ship wide, tall, or unusually heavy goods and materials? We can develop corrugated box partitions for shipping any type of product in any size corrugated box.

Corrugated Box Partitions

We understand what it takes to transport large amounts of cargo safely and securely. We specialize in the development of corrugated box partitions that allow you to organize, separate, and protect the contents of any size package. In addition to keeping contents separated, these corrugated partitions also add an extra layer of protection.

Box partitions are particularly important if you’re transporting products that are fragile. The partition will prevent individual units from touching, colliding, and potentially breaking. They’re also relatively lightweight, so they won’t add much to the total weight of the package.

Another advantage to using corrugated box partitions is product inventory. Once items are secured within the partition, your staff can easily determine the quantity of a specific product within that box. This will increase your warehouse efficiency and allow you to maintain accurate and precise inventory without having to remove the entire contents of a box.

Box partitions will vary depending on the industry being served. These partitions should adequately fit the size and shape of the goods they’re protecting. That’s why our custom partition design service is particularly helpful for niche suppliers who transport products with an unusual shape or dimensions. We can make corrugated partitions with any style, cell number, or fiberboard thickness you require.

Our manufacturing facility includes a complete production line for corrugated box partition production and assembly. Our specialized packaging equipment will cut, assemble, sort, and stack custom partitions of any size. We’ll ship them to you on pallets ready to use in your warehouse or fulfillment center.

*$2,500 order minimum on die-cut packaging