The Best in Corrugated Boxes

A box is certainly not “just a box.” There are a considerable amount of factors to consider when choosing the right corrugated boxes for your products. Our professional staff has years of experience and all the skills to assist with any box design you need.

Each corrugated fiberboard box should be precisely fitted for its contents. The box should keep products from shifting and also maintain its exterior integrity throughout the shipping process. We’ll ensure that each package has the adequate exterior and interior components to safely and secure transport your goods.

Why Corrugated Fiberboard?

95% of all boxes made within the United States are made of corrugated fiberboard. This is an affordable and functional material that combines flexibility and durability. The stacking strength of corrugated boxes allows companies to fit large amounts of product on a single pallet or skid for efficient transportation.

Your company needs to be able to ship transport products and materials in a safe, efficient, and cost-effective manor. Using corrugated boxes tailored to your specific needs will allow you to provide reliable service and support for your clients.

The Bassford Packaging Corporation is dedicated to providing clients with the kinds of boxes they need. We have long-standing relationships with vendors who can supply us with the highest quality corrugated material, ensuring that your packages will be both sturdy and easy to ship.

Stacked Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated Boxes for Any Size Business

We understand that the needs of your business are specific. As such, we’ve developed our facilities and assembly lines for quick and reliable production of custom boxes and packaging. When you contact us, we’ll quickly start working to produce what you need in a timely manner.

We do require a $300 minimum on custom box orders. We also offer moving boxes. These too can be designed to exactly fit the kinds of materials that need to be moved.