Fiber Partitions for Packaging

Fiber partitions, also known as Uncoated Recycled Board (UCB), are extremely useful when shipping multiple items in the same box. These partitions create individual compartments within the box to provide a protective and organized method of shipping and transporting goods.

Fiber partitions prevent product contact by helping to absorb shocks and vibrations during transportation. This additional protection is essential when shipping fragile or sensitive items. Each compartment in the fiber partition acts as a cushion to prevent each item in the box from colliding with one another.

Fiber partitions also improve shipping efficiency and organization when shipping case quantities in a single box. These partitions allow you to keep each individual item separated and they also make it easy to ensure you have the same number of items in each box. Furthermore, they are lightweight and do not substantially increase the weight of the box and the cost of shipping.

fiber partition packaging solutions from Bassford Packaging

Custom Fiber Partitions for Your Business

At Bassford Packaging, we work closely with all our clients to design custom packaging solutions that fit their products and process perfectly. We start by discussing the needs of your business, the materials that you’re shipping, and any pitfalls in your current packaging. Our design team will then create a series of samples so that we can effectively test the packaging solutions before putting them into mass production.

Our process allows us to customize fiber partitions for a wide range of products and box sizes. We’ll ensure that your products fit securely in the box without shifting or being damaged in transit. We can add orientation notches, corner cuts, and other custom features to any of the fiber partitions you need.

Once the designs for your fiber partitions are finalized, we are able to mass produce them at a rate that suits the needs of your business. Our state of the art equipment will cut and assemble each fiber partition, streamlining the packaging process for your business. Our pre-assembled partitions allow you to pack boxes and get orders out the door faster than ever.

custom fiber partitions from Bassford Packaging

Ideal for a Wide Range of Industries

Fiber partitions work great for shipping a wide range of products in many different industries. If your product is fragile, oddly-shaped, or unable to be stacked inside a box, our fiber partition solutions will greatly improve the ability to safely ship your products.

We create custom fiber partitions for the following industries:

• Glass and beverage
• Food products
• Automative parts
• Pharmaceuticals
• Cosmetics
• Agriculture
• & more!